To see if Magnolia Place is a good match for you, please review the FAQ below: 
Frequently Asked Questions:
1) How would you describe Magnolia Place & Live Oak Place?
We are quiet, tidy, and friendly communities.  Our residents live in some of the newest and best renovated apartments in Lake Charles.  Our communities have several strictly enforced rules, such as no smoking anywhere on the property (inside or outside) and quiet time after 9 p.m. 
2) Where are the properties located?
Magnolia Place is located at 3108 Aster Street, Lake Charles, La.  Live Oak Place is located at 1000 Live Oak Street, Lake Charles, La. 
3) What about security?
Both properties are located in quiet residential areas of mostly single family homes.  Our communities are small enough for residents to know each other.  Each apartment is equipped with new doors and double-pane windows, with close parking and well-lighted common areas.  Magnolia Place includes surveillance cameras, and Live Oak Place includes a security alarm in each apartment.  While no place is completely free from crime, we work hard to create a safe environment.
4) What utilities are included?
Water, gas, and sewer are included.  You are responsible for a $30/month trash charge, electricity, and any internet/television/telephone through SuddenLink.
5) Are pets allowed?
We love our pets!  Small animals are allowed on a case-by-case basis.  There is an additional $200 non-refundable pet deposit and several community rules.  For example, all pets must always be on a leash while outside, and you must immediately pick up and dispose of dog waste in a sealed bag placed in your outside garbage can.
6) What are the income requirements? 
One bedroom units require a minimum $40,000 stable income.  Two bedroom units require a minimum $50,000 stable income.
7) Can I make payments online?
Yes!  We have an online payment system through this site that allows you to set up automatic payments from your bank account or to pay by credit card (the processor charges a convenience fee for credit card payments).  
8) What is the minimum lease period?
12 months.
9) Can I see the apartment?
Yes, but you must first submit an application and credit/background check.
10) Where do I park?  What about my guests?
Magnolia Place:  You may park one passenger vehicle (for each bedroom your unit has) in one of our covered parking spaces.  You will generally find a space within a few feet of your door.  Your guests should use street parking (approximately 30-40 feet from the front buildings).  
Live Oak Place:  Parking is allowed on the west side of the property.  The resident of 1002 Live Oak has a private parking spot in front of the unit's private gate. 
11) How does trash day work?
Magnolia Place: You have a trash can assigned to you behind a designated fence near the front, south side of the complex.  You should roll your can to the road (approximately 20 feet away) on Wednesday night and return it Thursday morning.  If your unit includes a private or semi-private courtyard, you may store your garbage can there if you prefer.
Live Oak Place: You have a trash can assigned to you, which may be stored outdoors. 
12) Where do I check my mail?
Magnolia Place:  You have a weather-proof locking mailbox located under a protective awning in the northwest corner of the complex near Unit J.   
Live Oak PlaceEach unit at Live Oak Place has a mailbox attached near the front door or gate. 
13) What about laundry facilities?
Magnolia Place: The two-bedroom apartments each come with a private laundry room or nook and a high-end washer and dryer (such as Samsung, LG, or Whirlpool Duet).  Please be sure to clean your dryer filter and vent regularly. 
The one-bedroom apartments share a code-access community laundry room located in the courtyard between units F and G.  The community laundry room includes a granite folding area and brand new industrial coin washer and dryer.  Unlike many complexes, where dozens of people use a common laundry area, you are only sharing with five other people.   
Live Oak Place:  All units have washer-dryer hookups.  
14) What is the landscaped fenced area near Units L and M of Magnolia Place?
There is a small meditation garden for our residents between Units L and M.  It includes a pergola, trellis, chairs, and small table.  The garden is landscaped with roses, juniper, jasmine, feather reed grass, indian hawthorne, azalea, and a small crepe myrtle.  Most of the plants have fragrant flowers during the spring and summer, and each evening, more than 80 string lights illuminate the area.  Even the smallest dogs are welcome to join you in the garden, as the fence includes puppy pickets.  Please remember to pick up any dog waste, and do not leave pets unattended.  
15) What is the bamboo garden/deck at Live Oak Place? 
That is a private garden for the resident of 1002 Live Oak Place. 
16) May I park extra vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. at either complex?
No.  You may have one passenger vehicle (no oversize vehicles) per bedroom.  The vehicles must be operable and used on a regular basis.
17) What about storage for outdoor items such as grills? 
To keep our community clean, we do not allow outdoor storage in any community area (such as the main courtyard, sidewalks, parking areas, lawn, etc.)  If you have a private or semi-private courtyard, you may reasonably store outdoor items there.  If you do not have a private courtyard, you may rent (on a first-come, first-served basis) a small (5' x 4') storage room for $50 per month at Magnolia Place.
18) May I install a satellite dish outside?
Generally, no.  To protect the community safety, appearance, and integrity of the roof and fences, satellite dishes are not allowed in the common areas.  However, if you are a resident of Units J, K, L or M at Magnolia Place or 1002 Live Oak, you have a private or semi-private courtyard that may be used for satellite installation, so long as it does not damage the property.  Please contact us for more information.  

Parking areas are well lighted.

Meditation Garden

One bedroom units share a community laundry.

Magnolia Place is centrally located along I-210.